Closets are the unsung hero of every organized house—it’s true! They conceal our things and protect us turning our home sweet home into a cluttered mess. If you’ve ever lived in a house with poor or lacking closet spaces you know all to the well the stress it can cause and the chaos it can create. 


A standard ‘builder’s closet’ typically consists of a flimsy rod with a shelf on top (eek!). A house needs a solid foundation and the same is true with closets. To ‘be’ organized you need the right framework and design to support the space. The right closet system can increase your closet’s functionality tenfold—not to mention increase your resale value!


We can work within your budget to create your dream closets!


We’ve seen nearly every closet system out there and have scoured the marketplace for best-in-class closet systems.


We’ve partnered with the brands we know are best and can create custom designs to meet your tastes and budget. The system that’s right for your garage may very well be different than what you want to invest for your master closet. With us, you can mix and match.


There are so many closet brands and companies out there! It’s not easy to navigate and understand the difference between brands and one closet company versus another.


Think of us as your ‘closet fairy godmothers.’ We’re your one-stop shop and your chance to skip shopping retail, throw out the annoying coupon flyers and opt out of hosting a dozen estimate appointments in your home with pushy sales people.


We have been specially trained to measure and create custom designs for The Container Store’s unique closet systems—elfa, Laren and Avera lines. 


To ensure we have a solution for everyone at all price ranges, we’ve expanded our offering and also design from ORG Home through Chicago Closets & Cabinetry. The ORG Home product utilizes solid shelving and uses a unique computer design technology that lets clients ‘see’ their designs in 3D and truly get a feel for what they will look like in their space. And with 20+ colors and latest and greatest in closet accessories, we can create custom closet spaces that are truly special. 


Pamela Sherman serves as lead designer. For years clients have remarked about her unique excitement and passion for all things closet design. The design! The ‘before!’ The install day! The ‘After’ pics! She loves it all. You want someone that loves design this much to design your closets! ‘OMG’ captures the spirit of the process and the transformative results it can have on your home. We can’t wait to design your OMG Closets!


Rates: A one-time $100 fee is due at the time of the consult. This includes on-site consult, measurements, custom design and project management until you OMG-love your space! The $100 fee is refunded at time of purchase…ie., free custom closet design & project management, whoo hoo!