Our Story

About Us

Pamela Sherman spent nearly a decade as a Client Services manager at some of the top advertising agencies in Chicago, including Leo Burnett. Her demanding career meant that her work/life balance was nonexistent and inspired her to create Chicago Anytime Assistants in 2008. The goal was to create a trusted resource to manage life’s daily “to do’s” so clients could focus even more on their family, career, friends, travel and whatever else they find important.


Running a personal assistant business, Pamela often found herself stationed in her clients’ homes supervising household tasks, such as waiting for the cable guy and deliveries. Always wanting to add value, she and the team started organizing spice drawers, closets and cabinets to keep busy during idle time between appointments.


Then clients started asking if we could organize their entire house! It wasn’t long before the assistant business evolved; Chicago Organized Home was created a new passion and vision was born!


In 2015, The Container Store came calling and invited Chicago Organized Home into their Contained Home™ program. Today, The Container Store refers all of their customers from their Chicagoland area stores to us for organizing services.


Chicago Organized Home is now the leading home organizing service in the Chicagoland area.


Pamela is thrilled and inspired to have found a team as dedicated as she is to solving life’s challenges and living a more organized life.