Updated 2/22/2017


Chicago Organized Home is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell, or disclose any of our clients’ personal information unless it is required by law or necessary to fulfill our service obligations per your request.


We treat our clients’ information as an asset and we make every reasonable effort to protect it against loss or unauthorized access.


If we are made aware of private or confidential information that is disclosed in any way due to circumstances within our control, we will make reasonable efforts to immediately notify those who are impacted.


Information that is gathered by Chicago Organized Homes from a client will be retained for three months after the termination of a client relationship.


Personal Property and Security

We take the security of our clients’ personal information and belongings very seriously.



  • Keys are marked with the client’s account number only, not an address
  • We will return a key to you at your request or upon termination of a client agreement
  • Keys are stored in a secure location


Alarm Codes, passwords, credit card numbers and PIN’s

  • We keep all alarm codes, passwords, credit card numbers and PINs in a secure location
  • We will never offer or confirm a client’s alarm code, password, credit card number or PIN over the phone or for any reason other than to facilitate purchases or services on your behalf pursuant to your request
  • We will never charge your credit card without your authorization other than pursuant to the terms of the Agreement between you and us


Personal Information

  • We will never sell, share, trade or pass on your personal information to a partner, vendor, affiliate or your neighbor
  • Our premises are protected by a 24 hour monitored alarm system
  • We know that while accidents cannot be avoided, they should be handled appropriately, and for this very reason, Chicago Organized Home is licensed and insured


Type of Information Gathered

Through the course of doing business, Chicago Organized Home employees may be exposed to personal information that you have not provided pursuant to our Agreement. We advise you to take actions to protect against inadvertent disclosure of your confidential information.


Acceptable Information Usage

All information provided to Chicago Organized Home is retained for the sole purpose of providing high quality services. Our clients’ information remains the property of our clients—we merely act as agents on your behalf.


To Whom Do We Disclose Information

Chicago Organized Home does not disclose information to third parties except as agreed pursuant to the terms of the Agreement between us. Information will be disclosed to service providers with which we are dealing on your behalf. The information disclosed is used purely to facilitate the transaction. As stated earlier, our clients’ information is disclosed on a “need to know” basis.

Chicago Organized Home may compile our clients’ information and convert that information into non-identifiable statistics for public information. Such generic use will not disclose any piece of confidential information such as credit card numbers and access codes.

Chicago Organized Home cooperates with law enforcement inquiries. In response to a verified request by law enforcement, other government officials relating to a criminal investigation or civil subpoena, we will disclose your personal information and usage history if we are required to do so.


Privacy for Minors

Unless prior authorization has been provided by a parent or legal guardian, Chicago Organized Home will not provide any services to minors under the age of 18. Again, due to the nature of our business, information on family members, including children, may also be retained on file.


Notices and Updates

In order to protect your privacy and provide the highest level of professionalism and quality, Chicago Organized Home may from time to time update our privacy policy and procedures statement. Changes to this statement will automatically become effective 10 days after they are provided you pursuant to the Agreement.


Governing Agreements

Our responsibilities with respect to your confidential information are subject to the provisions of the Agreement between you and Chicago Organized Home.