Three Cheers For Organized Chaos?

Three Cheers For Organized Chaos?

three-cheers-for-organized-chaos-Chicago Organized Home

“Honey, where is my….”

Hello everyone and welcome to our NEW BLOG! We are excited to be able to share ideas, stories, pictures, frustrations and any relevant info or advice we can offer that might help you along your journey to living a happy and organized life!

I thought this e-card would be a perfect 1st post because “organized chaos” is a provocative concept in the world of organizing. By definition, it is “a term to describe a area, room etc. which looks extremely messy, but the owner knows exactly where everything is.”

But I have yet to come across a client challenged by clutter that actually *did* know exactly where everything was! But that’s okay! We can work with you at your scope and pace.

Chicago Organized Home is a judge-free zone. Have you ever seen those old commercials for “Hair Club for Men?” The ones where the owner says, “I’m not just the owner, I’m also a client?” Well, the same goes for me!

I’m a working mom and a wife. I have a home and a dog and plenty of other demands on my time that create a the full, chaotic and busy life I lead—just like you! I’ve hired my own team at times and have had the profound experience of clearing a space that was causing stress and chaos for my family. I can tell you it has been life changing for my entire family! 

We’re on a mission to help transform chaotic households into happy homes, one room at a time. It’s an incredible responsibility and more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done professionally. If you’re ready, we’re willing and able to assist!

We want this blog to be an open discussion area where we can share our stories, struggles and ideas about how we are finding small ways to “win” the battle of a chaotic life. We want to cheer you on and celebrate these small victories with you.

Pamela Sherman


Chicago Organized Home

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